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The Real Milk Paint Co., with Jon Stuefloten and Eco Carmel, launches new shade...
Stillwater Grey

Stillwater Grey, a color embodying the essence of the Stillwater Cove fog, is the newest shade in the Real Milk Paint Co.’s color chart.

Known for his artistic finesse in historical restoration work, Jon Stuefloten, working with Kristi Reimers, owner of Eco Carmel, an ecologically safe store specializing in paint, hardware and home items, went to one of their preferred products, Real Milk Paint, to capture a piece of Stillwater Cove while working on a project in Pebble Beach.

Stuefloten and Reimers worked together to expertly match the look and color of an existing weathered board from the project. “It took a few takes to get it right and the end results were perfect,” says Stuefloten. “The hue and color of the physical surroundings were important to capture. This bodes greatly to her ability to work with contractors who demand perfection. Thus Stillwater Gray was born. It was a joint effort that took our best work to a new level.”

“I was so excited when I heard Jon was using Real Milk Paint for a color inspired by the fog in the Cove”, says Dwayne Siever, owner of The Real Milk Paint Company. “Collaborating with such a talented artist was great — Jon really brought the Stillwater Grey to life. We’re excited to have a piece of Carmel in the color chart.”

Stuefloten’s interest in faux finishes and his inclination to work with natural products influenced the collaboration for the new hue with The Real Milk Paint Company.

“For me, Real Milk Paint was definitely the way to go,” Stuefloten explained. “Their products are exactly the kind of paint and finishes I enjoy working with — perfect for the beach-side projects.”

Although created in Tennessee, Real Milk Paint exemplifies the Californian way of life. Known for their “back-to-basics,” non-toxic, environmentally healthy milk paint, The Real Milk Paint Company has provided an easy, accessible way to use healthy products in your home. The paint products not only aid with clean carbon emissions and reduce the greenhouse effect, but leftover product can also be used as fertilizer.

“We aim to provide a strong, safe and healthy product for the home, as well as for the environment,” says Siever. “Families aren’t even aware that three years after painting, you can still be breathing in toxins from chemical-based formulas. It was important to us to provide a product that eliminated that element.”

Eco Carmel will be stocking Stillwater Grey.
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Jon Stuefloten Restoration Painting offers a wide range of painting and restoration services, specializing in labor intensive Old World techniques that include lime washing, intricate faux finishing and custom color mixing.

Jon Stuefloten was born and raised in Carmel, California. He has over 35 years of experience in the painting, construction and design fields and brings his advanced expertise and knowledge to every project. He prides himself in the quality of his workmanship and is known and respected for his accomplishments on projects of historical significance.

Projects have included restoration of the interior portion of the Crespi Hall at the Carmel Mission, a building which has been in continuous use since 1797. "The goal of the project was to update the image of the Hall from the 18th Century to the 21st Century without anyone realizing the difference."

Because of his great success with other high profile historical landmarks, Jon Stuefloten was recently commissioned as the painter for two important local restoration projects: Point Sur Lighthouse in Big Sur and Point Pinos Lighthouse in Pacific Grove. His work was also recently featured in Carmel Magazine.





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